Individual Therapy

Most sessions at Emerald Psychology are individual therapy sessions. The sessions are conducted, in confidence, with a treating practitioner. During the sessions, you and your Psychologist or Counsellor will explore the problems you are experiencing in a safe and contained way. Our Psychologists and Counsellors will ask questions about your life and experiences in order to understand your difficulties. Usually following on from the initial assessment sessions, you will be provided with some options for treatment. This is done in a collaborative way where our clients are always at the centre of their care. Our team share similar passions for mental health care so you can expect to be respected and treated with compassion and empathy. We value a client centred approach which means we don’t squash clients into a particular type of treatment but more, tailor the treatment plan to suit each individual.  

Brief Intervention 

The past 2 years has seen an unprecedented demand for mental health services. Here at Emerald Psychology, we recognise that people are needing support sooner rather than later and with long wait times, this can be extremely challenging. As such, we are pleased to be able to offer our Brief Intervention service. This is a low cost service delivered by our Provisional Psychologists. 

What is involved?

The Brief Intervention service involves a 1 hour telephone consultation with one of our Provisional Psychologists. During the call, the Provisional Psychologist will talk to you about the issues that are causing you concern. On completion of this, we will arrange a further 2 follow up calls, 30 mins each. The Provisional Psychologist will put together some useful information and resources to support you whilst you wait to see our Psychologists or Counsellors. You will not lose your place on our waitlist if you access this service. 

How much will it cost?

This is a low cost service with a fee of $50 for the 3 consultations. Our friendly reception staff will arrange payment over the phone in advance and schedule the 3 sessions in with you.