Medical Centre Partnerships

Why do we have Medical Partnerships?

At Emerald Psychology, we believe that in order to provide the optimal mental health care, it is essential that we have a close working relationship with our local medical professionals. Often in private practice, care of clients occurs in a siloed way where there is little communication between treating professionals. This can sometimes result in important information getting missed. Being embedded in our local community and actively establishing professional networks, our team have a positive working relationship with a number of our referring Medical Centres. 

Emerald Medical Centre

Emerald Psychology has had a long standing partnership with the Emerald Medical Centre. This allows for multidisciplinary care to clients. Our psychologists regularly collaborate with the Medical professionals to ensure that clients receive the best mental health care possible. In practice, this means that there is open communication around a clients care between the treating professionals. This may include discussions around medication, referral pathways, psychiatric assessment and so on.   

Moores Road Medical Centre

Moores Road Medical Centre is a local Medical Centre located in the heart of Monbulk offering the highest quality general medical practice services to patients of all ages. They are proud to offer all their patients traditional style medical care in a modern and purpose-built establishment. The team of highly skilled and vastly experienced GP doctors strive to deliver excellence in patient-centred care and clinical experience to help ensure your journey towards better health. Moores Road Medical Centre are committed to working closely with our psychologists to provide the best mental health care.