Sam Murphy - Health Balance

At Emerald Psychology Practice we value holistic care. This means understanding that people’s struggles can often be multi-dimensional. We have a wonderful partnership with Nutritionist, Sam Murphy as we now know through science that there is an intimate relationship between food and nutrition and mental health, it’s not just a ‘gut feeling’ anymore! For those who have had the privilege of working with Sam, you will know that she brings a wealth of knowledge to her work and an infectious personality.
With nearly 30 years in the Natural Health Space, Sam is passionate about understanding health and has dedicated most of her adult life to this.
Good gut health not only contributes to improved mental health, with over 70% of serotonin, our ‘feel good’ hormone being produced here, but fuelling our body with great nutrition increases energy, improves immune response and reduces disease risk.
Changes to improve gut health and boost mood can start with these four simple steps:
• Consume at least 4 cups of vegetables and three pieces of fruit – our prebiotics. Green Banana Resistant Starch, which increases 5HTP, is a serotonin precursor – add to smoothies
Add veggies to omelettes for breakfast, add to tuna and brown rice for lunch and half your plate at dinner and fruit as a snack or added to oats, muesli or smoothies
• Consume a variety of microbiome promoting foods and drinks: yoghurt, kimchi (just small amounts), kefir and kombucha, for a wide profile of probiotic goodness
• Hydrate! Every cell of the body needs water and your gut requires fluid to move faecal matter – a polite way of saying you need to poo! And on that? EVERY day you need to rid yourself of waste
• Snacks – check out veggie chips, seaweed wafers and making dried fruit, nut and seed barks with some vegan dark chocolate! Baking paper in a tray, sprinkle ingredients, melt chocolate, pour over goodies and let set. Break into shards and place in container.
Gut Goddess Smoothie
¼ cup mixed berries (can be frozen)
2 Tblspns vanilla yoghurt
1 tspn Green banana resistant starch (IGA)
Handful spinach leaves
Coconut water
7 walnut halves
Little honey if desired
Blend and enjoy
@rawandfree – for some vegan inspiration – broaden your nutrient profile!
@ozharvest – ‘real food’ inspiration
Check out this blog Sam has specially prepared for helping people reduce anxiety with food.